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Audio Restoration

Enhancing, restoring, analyzing, and repairing damaged audio files


Background noise. Bad acoustics. Distorted playback. No playback at all. Substandard recordings and unreliable playback undermine your credibility. They also make transcription difficult. Mac will overhaul your audio file's sound to maximize its clarity, impact, and effectiveness.


  • $50.00 per hour.


Audio restoration is time-intensive. A free cost and time-to-completion estimate is available upon request.


If you need an official record of the edits made to your file, just ask. Mac will be happy to provide a written report outlining his restoration process.


Mac has testified in criminal and civil courts throughout the State of Indiana.


Digital Transfers

Removing noise and digitally remastering vinyl records or cassette tapes


Mac first cleans your vinyl record. A customized RCA turntable and Cambridge Audio preamplifier offer stunning sound reproduction, while Apogee converters capture every nuance of your music. Cassette tapes are played on a Sony cassette deck through the same pristine converters.


  • Vinyl transfer with no processing

$15.00 per record.


  • Vinyl transfer with click/pop removal and remastering

$35.00 per record.


  • Transfer of damaged vinyl with restoration and remastering

$20.00 per hour.


  • Cassette transfer with no processing

$15.00 per tape.


  • Cassette transfer with hiss removal and remastering

$35.00 per tape.


  • Transfer of damaged cassette with restoration and remastering

$20.00 per hour.


Add a jewel case and inserts with scanned album art for $5.00.



You can't get a professional sound without a pro-quality mix. Mac will inject your project with balance, punch, and depth. His mixes are dynamic, highlighting the best aspects of your music at just the right moment. And whether you listen in the studio, at home, or in your car, your song will sound great.


Mac can also tighten your rhythm section, fix out-of-tune vocals, and more. He has the tools and talent to transform your best efforts into an amazing recording.


  • $100.00 per song.


A Pro Tools session file or consolidated audio files are all Mac needs to get to get to work.



Mastering is the elusive final step to achieving a professional recording. It's the "glue" that makes a record sound like a record. Automated online mastering services are no substitute for an experienced engineer. Mac will make your songs sound their best and prepare your music for distribution.


Louder isn't better. Although Mac has no problem making your mixes sound loud, he'd rather make them sound good. Mac isn't a participant in the "loudness war," and he won't slam the crap out of your music.


  • $40.00 per song.


PQ subcodes, UPC/EAN codes, CD-Text, and ISRCs can be applied to your project.


Your project can be delivered in DDP format, ready for duplication.

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