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Welcome to Mac's Playpen!


Mac’s Playpen is the personal recording studio of Jeffrey “Mac” McDonough, a freelance recording engineer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mac specializes in audio restoration, mixing, and mastering. What began as a four track cassette-based home studio in the 1980s slowly morphed into an ADAT-based project studio in the 1990s, which then evolved into the DAW-based software studio that it is today. Although Mac’s Playpen has been built around Mac’s own unique musical needs and gear selection is based purely on his own subjective opinions, he is always looking to help others in their musical endeavors.


Being both a classical and rock musician for more than two decades has given Mac the experience to understand the needs of a diverse group of musicians. Additionally, countless hours spent engineering in recording studios, graduating with honors from one of the world’s largest recording engineering schools, and working as a Sales Engineer for the nation’s premier pro audio retailer has given Mac an enormous amount of knowledge with regard to recording, mixing, and mastering audio.


Are you having problems getting your mixes to sound the way that you want them to? Are you looking for a way to preserve your old vinyl recordings and make them last forever? Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of your multimedia presentations in court? Give Mac a call and see what kind of magic he can bring to your next project!

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